New style?

For the past 2-3 weeks I tried to ignore media and social media as much as possible. This worked quite fine for the social media part (beside some chats that still need to be moved to an alternative channel) but as I am thinking about deleting my Facebook-/Instagram- and Whatsapp accounts, I wanted to “revive” my Website, found out that the contact form did not work for months as the used WordPress plugin moved from a free to a commercial licensing scheme and I did not notice this in time.

So – I fixed the contact form and updated the Frontpage-picture of my Website to express where I am heading with my “new” photography-style. This shooting required a lot of work but also was a lot of fun and we shot plenty of lovely photos. I will add the final gallery during the next weeks.

I also started a studio-sharing-cooperation with an artist and tomorrow the first shooting in the new place will happen. I am excited and happy that finally – after more than 2 years – “Normality” is back, I created quite some new pictures in the last weeks and will hopefully continue to do so during the next months.


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